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Returning post Covid!


Who knew as we entered 2020 that we would all experience such a devastating year.  It has been tough for everyone, both in terms of the safety and health of our loved ones, but also for our companies too.

During August, we are returning gradually to work, and, we will be in touch with you all individually to see how we can help and support.  Governments across the world have recognised the need to focus on IMPACT and our own Chancellor has shared his GREEN RECOVERY PLAN.  

All our members work in this space and have long acknowledged the importance of working for the better of our planet, and continue to do so.  We have seen a change in investor attitudes during this period, and, slowly, their practises are changing also.  Our network of investors has grown to over 3500 during Covid, which sends us a clear signal that change is afoot.  Impact companies need to be ready to engage, to demonstrate their credentials and seek new investment to help them grow in the aftermath of Covid.

We wish you all a speedy recovery and are here to support and help in anyway we can.  Simply get in touch.



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